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Ocean Sailing
Ocean Sailing

Looking to join the cruising lifestyle?
Begin your sailing adventure learning to ocean sail

Coastal Sailing Skills
Crucial Coastal Sailing Skills

Learn about ocean sailing, inlets, tides, currents, VHF radio communication, locating anchorages, anchoring & more

Coastal Sailing Skills
Actual Cruising Experiences

Gain actual coastal cruising experiences with destination sailing to Bird Island, Bald Head Island, Southport & Georgetown

Partner Sailing
Couple/Pair Sailing Lessons

Your goal is to cruise together...
Why wouldn't you begin your training ocean sailing?

Cat or Mono
Monohull or Catamaran
You choose!

Ocean sailing + overnight anchoring =
Fantastic advanced courses

Passage Training
Ocean Passage Training

Multi-day ocean sailing/passage training:
Sail to Charleston, St Augustine, & the Florida Keys

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Interested In Joining The Cruising Lifestyle?

ASA Sailing Lessons

Myrtle Beach Sailing School offers American Sailing certification courses (ASA sailing lessons) and non-certification sailing lessons that are perfect for those individuals, couples, friends or families that have either always wanted to learn to sail, would like to find out if sailing is for them, or would like to increase their sailing skills and confidence.

Why Choose Us?

We Do Things A Little Bit Different Than Most:

charleston-exp-sail ASA Sailing Lessons

Individual Courses

With a 3 student limit and an additional day of sailing for beginner classes (101, 102 & 103), our courses offer students more on-the-water instruction than most sailing schools, slowing the pace while allowing you more time to absorb and process your new skills.

Our advanced 106 course immerses you into the cruising lifestyle, taking you on a 100+ nautical mile passage through the Intracoastal Waterway and Atlantic ocean, preparing you for true-to-life coastal cruising.

ASA 101 Keelboat 1
ASA 102 Keelboat 2
ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising
ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising
ASA 105 Coastal Navigation
ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising
ASA 114 Cruising Catamaran
ASA 118 Docking Endorsement

20180525_114318-scaled-e1705528691363 ASA Sailing Lessons

Liveaboard Combo Courses

Our Combo Courses are perfect for beginners who are eager to learn the basics of sailing and gain the necessary skills to confidently handle a sailboat. Combining two or three programs into one fun-filled week of learning allows you to receive certification in two or three areas while immersing yourself into the sailing lifestyle.

By the end of these combo courses, you will have the necessary knowledge and practical experience to embark on your own sailing adventures with confidence and competence.

Choose A Course Below or Begin Here:

ASA 101 + 102 Combo 1
ASA 101 + 103 Combo 2
ASA 102 + 103 Combo 3
ASA 103 + 104 Combo 4
ASA 104 + 114 Combo 5
ASA 101 + 103 + 104 Advanced Combo

cruising-couple ASA Sailing Lessons

Private Couple/Pair Liveaboard Courses

Learn to sail with your partner or friend!

As a live-aboard couple/pair sailing school we allow the two of you to immerse yourself in the sailing lifestyle.

Each course you take will be private and allow us to focus on building your skills as a team.

Choose A Course Below or Begin Here:

ASA 101 + 102 Private Combo 1
ASA 101 + 103 Private Combo 2
ASA 102 + 103 Private Combo 3
ASA 103 + 104 Private Combo 4
ASA 104 Private
ASA 104 + 114 Private Combo 5

What Our Clients Are Saying!

icon-google-small ASA Sailing Lessonsicon-tripadvisor-small ASA Sailing LessonsOverall Rating
Based on 47 Reviews
icon-google-small ASA Sailing Lessons
Richard W
November 24, 2022

ASA 118 (docking) and ASA 104 (bareboat) were fantastic experiences with Jason (owner and instructor) and the team at Myrtle Beach Sailing School. Their approach to education is sincere, patient, and hands-on. Our class spent time discussing the material in the books, reviewing, and asking questions; and then we were straight out onto the water for the learning-by-doing parts. I can't say enough about how inclusive and productive the teaching style is. But, perhaps more importantly, the adventure our class had in ASA 104 while sailing from Myrtle Beach to Bald Head Island was wild! We established genuine camaraderie as we faced the serious, ever-changing, and incredibly fun realities of bareboat cruising. I have taken ASA courses at 3 different schools across the US, and Myrtle Beach Sailing School is over and above the most thorough and rewarding

icon-tripadvisor-small ASA Sailing Lessons
Richard S
November 24, 2022

Myrtle Beach Sailing School Teaches Successful Adventure

Myrtle Beach Sailing School Teaches Successful Adventure

icon-google-small ASA Sailing Lessons
Steven Klein
November 23, 2022

We couldn’t have asked for a better first experience under sail than we had taking our ASA 101 course with Jason. Neither my wife nor I had ever set foot on a sailboat before registering for the course, and we couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. In addition to being supremely knowledgeable, Jason was extremely patient, positive, and supportive throughout our steep learning curve. When we lost a chunk of sailing time during our scheduled days due to a lack of wind, Jason worked diligently with us (and our schedules) to arrange a make-up day on the water to complete our course requirements. Thanks to Jason we discovered a love of sailing — and we will definitely be returning to Myrtle Beach Sailing School to continue the ASA course progression (ASA 103/104) next year.

icon-google-small ASA Sailing Lessons
Jamison Sanders
October 24, 2022

Had an awesome. Peter and Jason are great instructors. I'm definitely going back

icon-google-small ASA Sailing Lessons
August 11, 2022

Had a great sailing experience with Captain Tom! We were able to bring our own lunch and drinks. Captain Tom brought us our drinks as we sat at the front of the boat. Much appreciated!

icon-tripadvisor-small ASA Sailing Lessons
maura d
August 8, 2022

Amazing time

Amazing time

icon-google-small ASA Sailing Lessons
Charlie Lengal
July 28, 2022

Excellent ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising course with Jason, Clay and Ryan. Learned many skills throughout the 4 days. Reefing under sail in moderate winds was a great test. I still have much to learn like the finer points of sail trim, when, why, and how. I will return.

icon-tripadvisor-small ASA Sailing Lessons
clay b
July 18, 2022

Sailing classes recommended

Sailing classes recommended

icon-tripadvisor-small ASA Sailing Lessons
Rita M
July 1, 2022

Perfect Sailing Adventure

Perfect Sailing Adventure

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South Carolina:

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Greenville 265 miles - 4 hours
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Spartanburg 254 miles - 4 hours

North Carolina:

Asheville 320 miles - 5 hours
Charlotte 187 miles - 3.25 hours
Durham 206 miles - 3 hours
Fayetteville 96 miles - 1.75 hours
Greensboro 204 miles - 3.25 hours
Greenville 168 miles - 3 hours
Raleigh 181 miles - 2.5 hours
Wilmington 51 miles - 1 hour
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