ASA Sailing Courses

3 student limit per 101, 103 & 104 courses, unless family (4ppl max), allowing you more time sailing.

Private lessons for couples/pair  can be found on our Couples Sailing Lessons page.

All ASA sailing courses require a non-refundable 25% deposit. Once received, all instructional materials will be mailed to you.

Each private or combination liveaboard course, with the exception of ASA105 Coastal Navigation, is flexible schedule based, allowing us the freedom to schedule our classes based on your needs.

ASA 101 and 103 private lessons are available for an additional $300 per individual course.

Individual ASA 101 and/or 103 sailing students have the option of living aboard at a rate of $50 per night, renting our one bedroom cottage at a rate of $95 per night, or finding other sleeping arrangements.

ASA 104 and/or 106 sailing students will be sleeping aboard.

All Combo Courses are liveaboard programs.

There is a $50 charge if you would like to sleep aboard the night before your lesson begins.

sailing-school-south-carolina-student-300x225 ASA Sailing Courses

Individual Courses:
ASA 101 Basic Keelboat - 2 Days $750 each
ASA 103 Basic Coastal Cruising - 2 Days $850 each
ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising - Liveaboard 3 Days/2 Nights $1650 each. Due to the itinerary of this course we require a two student minimum.
ASA 105 Coastal Navigation - Self-Paced Online Format
ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising - Liveaboard 4 Days/3 Nights $2500/1 Student in Cabin or $4250/2 Students in Cabin. Due to the itinerary of this course we require a two student minimum.
ASA 118 Docking Endorsement - 2 Day $325 each

ASA Challenge:
ASA 101 or 103 Challenge - 1 Day $450

Combo Liveaboard Courses:
ASA 101/103 (Combo 1) - 4 Days/ 3 Nights $1650 each
ASA 103/104 (Combo 2) - 5 Days/4 Nights $2250 each. Due to the itinerary of this course we require a two student minimum.

PRIVATE LIVEABOARD Cruising Couple Courses:
ASA 101/103 - 5 Days/4 Nights $3900 per couple
ASA 104 - 4 Days/3 Nights $3700 per couple

Advanced Combo Liveaboard Course(s):
(MUST have previous sailing experience. Please call to discuss.)
ASA 101/103/104 (Advanced 1) - 6 Days/5 Nights $3200 each

Non-Certification Lesson - 5 Hours
Introduction to Sailing - 4 Hours
Sailing/Docking Skills Practice - 3-4 Hours

All ASA sailing courses materials and testing are included in your sailing lesson tuition. A trial ASA Membership is included when taking the ASA 101 course.

Final payment is due twenty-one (21) days before you arrive and is paid via emailed invoice.

Sailing gloves are recommended but are not necessary. You can purchase gloves locally from West Marine.