Couples Sailing Lessons

Learn to sail with your partner!

Our live-aboard couples sailing lessons allows the two of you to immerse yourself in the sailing lifestyle. Each course you take will be private and allow us to focus on building your skills as a team, while also giving you opportunities for single-handed sailing. Hey, you have to sleep sometime, right!

Each course will progressively prepare both of you to confidently sail the boat in a coastal cruising environment, as well as teach you provisioning, coastal navigation, anchoring, docking, and more.

Below you will find our recommendations for our couples sailing school schedule.

The Cruising Couple:
Couples Private ASA101/103 Combo - 6 Days
$3500 Per Couple
In this format the students typically end up with the final day as a "stress free day" to just enjoy sailing while polishing their new skills. Also can be taken in an individual course format.
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Practice Sail with Instructor
1 Day
$400 - 32ft sailboat
Not required, but highly recommended to hone your skills and confidence before taking 104.
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Morgan Sailboat Rental
2 Days - Practice your sailing skills on your own.
$375 per day - 32ft sailboat
Not required, but highly recommended to hone your skills and build confidence before taking ASA 104.
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Couples Private ASA104 - 4 Days
$2800 Per Couple
The "Pot of Gold" for most students! Work together sailing and charting 25 ocean miles to Bald Head Island for the night, then do it all again on our return trip the next day.
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Experience/Mile Builder
Hop aboard one of our multi-day ocean sailing trips to either Charleston, SC or Fernandina Beach, FL for some long distance sailing fun! Each trip prepares you for night sailing, navigation, watchkeeping, and more.
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