Nov 18-19, 2023 Docking Endorsement Class

docking-original Nov 18-19, 2023 Docking Endorsement Class

Learn to Dock Safely and Confidently!

Winds and currents can make close-quarter docking one of the more nerve-racking skills in sailing. Understanding these forces and how they act on a boat will give you the ability to confidently make a plan and remove most of the anxiety associated with it.

Myrtle Beach Sailing School will be hosting our ASA118 Docking Endorsement class on Saturday and Sunday, November 18 - 19 from 9am until 4pm.

Our two day course will allow you to practice docking and undocking in a variety of situations, including bow-in and stern-in slip docking as well as docking on an outside dock. This hands-on session improves your boat handling and dock line use allowing you to safely dock a 25ft to 45ft auxiliary powered sailboat.

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