Optional Private Sailing Lessons

All ASA101, ASA103 & ASA101/103 Combo sailing classes are offered as an optional private sailing lesson.

How does this work?
If you are the first to sign up for a specific date you will have the option of receiving private instruction. If you opt for non-private and another student signs up you will receive the discounted multi-student rate.

Why do we offer the course(s) this way?
Everyone learns in different ways. Some prefer, and are more comfortable, in a one-on-one learning environment. Some prefer to have two or more students on the boat to "bounce off of". Some don't care either way, and would prefer to save money if possible.

If we are a couple/pair will there be another student aboard with us?
For ASA101, 103, and 101/103 Combo, if two students reserve together we typically will not allow a third student to sign up with you, keeping the sailing lesson private for you.

Will I receive the discounted rate if I choose non-private but no one else signs up?
No. We cannot guarantee that other students will sign up with you, therefore you would be responsible for the single student rate.