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June - Sail & Overnight at Bird Island
July - Bald Head Island

The Who, What, When, Where & Why?

Created for boat owners as well as non-boat owners,
NAC Sailing Club focuses on encouraging and growing our local sailing community. 

Participate as much or as little as your schedule allows!


One of our goals is to link up Sailboat Owners with Non-Sailboat Owners (Crew) to help grow our sailing community. We do this by asking that the sailboat owning members open up a cabin from time to time, allowing Crew to participate in our sailing events.

Year1: Watch Us Grow!





Who We Are...and Who Is Invited?
NAC Sailing Club is not a club in the true sense. There are no officers. There is not a club house. There is no voting on anything. We are only a group of like-minded sailors located in the greater Myrtle Beach area that get together once per month to go sailing. Our members include experienced & beginner sailors, sailboat owners, and those that are not quite ready for sailboat ownership.

We welcome all sailboat owners as well as non-boat owners that are located from Southport, NC to Georgetown, SC to participate.

What We Do?
Each season begins with a preseason meet-and-greet, eight sails (one per month), and ends with an end-of-the-year party. Sails range from day sails with an overnight anchorage to 5 - 7 day round-trip passages.

When Does It Start?
Each season begins in March and ends in early December. Our full calendar is available in the members only section.

Where Do We Sail?
Our sailing/cruising schedule includes sailing as far north as Cape Lookout, NC and as far south as Charleston, SC, with most of our schedule staying around the Myrtle Beach to Southport/Bald Head Island areas. All destinations are reachable either by ocean sailing or cruising the ICW, or a combination of the two.

Why Did We Set This Up...and Why Are There "Dues"?
Most, not all, sailors in our area want to get out there and sail, and they would like to do it with others. Some owners enjoy having others (crew) aboard to sail with them, while others want to "buddy-boat" to longer destinations to help build their confidence and skills.

Membership dues will go towards offsetting the expected additional costs for all/most/some of the "fun stuff" such as renting the Bald Head Island Yacht Club building and patio, a pizza party in Charleston, or food for the beginning of the season and end of the season get-togethers.

2024 Sailing Destinations/Overnighters:

April - Southport
May - Charleston
June - Sail North Myrtle Beach Coast and Overnight at Bird Island
June - Shout Out then Load'em Up
July - Bald Head Island
August - Sail to Little River Offshore Reef (10nm offshore) and Overnight at Bird Island
September - Georgetown Lighthouse
October - Annapolis Boat Show
October - Bald Head Island
November - Shout Out then Load'em Up

Full calendar available in Member Section


Membership Information:

We offer two types of memberships: Sailboat Owner & Sailboat Crew. Membership is based on the calendar year.

Sailboat Owner (includes immediate family)
$175 per calendar year.
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Sailboat Crew (per individual)
$40 per calendar year.
Required to split event costs (dock fees, fuel and provisioning) with the boat owner when crewing.
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Please feel free to call and discuss any questions or concerns you may have!

Jason 843-241-6874
Amy 843-267-0938

Each of our sailing school Instructor/Captains are available for hire to assist and for training on the passages if needed. Contact Jason to set this up.