Sailing Experience Building - Mile Building

"So, how do I gain more sailing experience?"

This is probably the most frequent question asked by new sailors. Fortunately there are a few options that are available:

  • Experience Building, also known as Mile Building (sailing to a destination and back)
  • Bareboat Chartering (renting a sailboat that you skipper/captain)
  • Delivery Crew (assisting in moving a sailboat from one location to another)
  • Flotilla Sailing (taking part in a group of charter boats that travel a shared itinerary)

Experience / Mile Building Sailing Cruises
Intended for those that have been certified through the American Sailing Association and led by one of our instructors, our trips have been designed to assist you in gaining experience and confidence while coastal cruising. Each trip covers a minimum sailing distance of 200nm (nautical miles) and includes sailing through the night. Shared duties such as day and night watch, log-keeping, cooking and cleaning are part of the experience.

Upcoming Schedule

April 2020
Sail to Charleston, SC

May 2020
Sail to Fernadina Beach, FL

October 2020
Sail to Charleston, SC