Couples Ocean Sailing Lessons North Carolina / South Carolina Coasts

nc-map Couples Ocean Sailing Lessons North Carolina / South Carolina Coasts

Private Couples Sailing Lessons on the North Carolina & South Carolina Coastlines!

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Our private ASA live-aboard couples/pair sailing lessons immerse the two of you in the cruising lifestyle. Each course will allow us to focus on building your sailing skills and teamwork, prepping you for the day you set sail on your own sailboat.

Our couple/pair sailing lessons are setup for a typical one week off from work vacation and allows us to work with you at a slower pace, assuring that you each are learning and, more importantly, retaining the skills and information. Learn to confidently sail the boat in a coastal cruising environment, as well as provisioning, coastal navigation, anchoring, docking, and more.

If the sailing lifestyle is in your future, we provide the unique opportunity to experience ocean sailing lessons on the North Carolina and South Carolina coasts. Sailing daily through Little River Inlet and into the Atlantic, you will learn about tides, currents, and anchoring behind un-inhabited barrier islands.

Add an additional student or two (family or friend) to your lesson for $1500 per (4 student max per lesson).

For couples that are not interested in sleeping aboard we rent our one bedroom cottage at a rate of $125 per night or you may find other sleeping arrangements.

Cruising Time: MONOHULL

MBSS's Recommended Monohull Sailing Path

ASA 101 + 102 Private Combo 1
5 Day/4 Night
$3900 Per Couple

Learn the basics AND how to sail more efficiently and comfortably while building teamwork.
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ASA 103 + 104 Private Combo 4
6 Day/5 Night
$5800 Per Couple

Sail a Mini-Adventure!
The "Monohull Pot of Gold" for most students. Work together sailing and charting 25 ocean miles to Bald Head Island for the night, then do it all again on our return trip the next day. One or two nights anchored at Bird Island, and meals while aboard are also included.
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ASA 105 Coastal Navigation (Optional)
Self-Paced Online
$380 per Student

Learn to Navigate from A to B...Without Electronics!
This is a fantastic winter course that you take in the comforts of your home.
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ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising - Monohull (Optional)
5 Days/4 Nights Liveaboard
$2500/1 Student in Cabin or $4250/2 Students in Cabin
Two student minimum requirement
Prerequisite: ASA 104 & 105

The Class That Ties It All Together!
Our five day ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising course allows you to plan then cruise a 100+ nautical mile passage to the Georgetown Lighthouse and back. You will gain experiences of day and night ocean sailing, anchoring behind sheltered barrier islands, as well as making landfall at night. Also included will be learning to traverse the Intracoastal Waterway, using your knowledge of Aids to Navigation to not run aground, learning about fixed and movable bridges, contacting the three swing Bridgetenders for passage while underway, and how to locate and choose anchorages.
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Ocean Sailing/Passage Training - Monohull
Gain Real World Sailing Experiences!

Hop aboard one of our multi-day ocean passage training trips to either Charleston, SC, Fort Lauderdale, FL or the Florida Keys for some long distance sailing fun! Each trip prepares you for night sailing, navigation, watchkeeping, and more.
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