Student Rentals

To become a confident and competent sailor takes practice. Our sailboats are available to be bareboat chartered by our sailing school graduates (ASA103 minimum) on a per-day or three-day rental.

Through sailboat rentals and sailing adventures you will have the opportunity to sail as much as your schedule allows.

Please contact us if you are a former student of Myrtle Beach Sailing School and are interested in our rental program. You must receive login credentials from us to be able to rent our sailboats.

Sailboat rentals are exclusive to Myrtle Beach Sailing School graduates with a minimum ASA103 Certification.

Sail With Others
Are you looking to spend more time on the water sailing? We are now using a networking app to get like-minded people on the water together, allowing you to share the costs and build confidence as a group.

GroupMe allows small group, as well as individual, texting within the app. It is cross-platform, meaning it works on iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets.

We know, we know, not another app to keep up with. We have looked into all options we could think of (apps, forums, email groups, online calendars, etc), and currently feel this is the easiest option. Our hope is that those wanting to sail more or sail with others will use the app to stay in contact with each other.

Contact us if you are interested in joining our sailing network group.

morgan Student Rentals

Island Song
Morgan 321 - 9am - 4pm
$300 per day
ASA103 required

hunter Student Rentals

Coleman's Crew
Hunter 34 - 9am - 4pm
Availability: Monday - Friday
$300 per day
ASA103 required

beneteau Student Rentals

Bohemian Blue
Beneteau 390 - 9am - 4pm
$400 per day
ASA104 required