Charlie, ASA 118

Learned many docking and undocking maneuvers during the one-day class. I feel a bit more confident during no to moderate winds now, although I plan to practice, practice, and practice to keep the skills sharpened. Jason was a great instructor as always. I recommend the class to all new boaters and as a refresher to the experienced boater.

Richard, ASA 104, 118

ASA 118 (docking) and ASA 104 (bareboat) were fantastic experiences with Jason (owner and instructor) and the team at Myrtle Beach Sailing School. Their approach to education is sincere, patient, and hands-on. Our class spent time discussing the material in the books, reviewing, and asking questions; and then we were straight out onto the water for the learning-by-doing parts.

I can’t say enough about how inclusive and productive the teaching style is. But, perhaps more importantly, the adventure our class had in ASA 104 while sailing from Myrtle Beach to Bald Head Island was wild! We established genuine camaraderie as we faced the serious, ever-changing, and incredibly fun realities of bareboat cruising.

I have taken ASA courses at 3 different schools across the US, and Myrtle Beach Sailing School is over and above the most thorough and rewarding

Ava, ASA 101, 103, 104

What an incredible experience! Jason is a fantastic trainer! He was able to tailor the instructions so both my husband, who has a lot of sailing experience, and myself, who has limited, understood and learned throughout all 3 courses – Sailing 101, 103 & 104. And learn, is what we did! We loved it! Thank you so much for your patience and creativity!

Lance, 101/103/104

First off, let me say that Jason is an amazing Captain, sailor, instructor, and now friend. With a diverse fleet, he can tailor your experience level to the right size boat. After sailing 101, 103, and 104 with Jason, I look back on my experiences with a smile. I’m taking 105 currently and look forward to 106 with Myrtle Beach Sailing School! If you interested in learning how to sail, look no further. This is the place to start your passion and love for sailing.

Chris, 104

Finished ASA 104 with Jason and cant say enough about the experience I had sailing to Bald Head island. Never forget it. THX to Myrtle Beach Sailing School. Cant wait till ASA106.!!

Ken, 101

Just finished ASA101 course with Jason. He was a great instructor, very patient, and made sure we understood everything we were learning and doing. I would highly recommend his school to anyone interested in sailing (the right way).

David, 103/104

I really appreciated Jason and the Myrtle Beach Sailing School (MBSS). Although I have many years experience, my goal was looking to receive more formal training with emphasis related to Sail Trim and Boat Handling in tight situations around docks and other structures.

Jason and the MBSS went above and beyond my expectations. Jason was thorough and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of sail trim and boat handling. He made the experience fun, entertaining, and enlightening. I feel I met my goal with the added benefit of sailing on the open ocean in some vigorous conditions.

The boats we stayed on were clean and comfortable and provided good insight into what it is like to live aboard (few days) a sailboat. Any issues that arose were quickly remedied and made our stay fun!

Thanks Jason, look forward to a another outing!

Wayne, 101

My daughter and I took their sailing 101 class, Tyler did a fantastic job teaching us, I would highly recommend them if you are considering taking a sailing class.

Matt, 101/103

Just did the ASA 101/103 with Peter as the instructor. He was very patient and a great teacher. Stayed on the boat while doing the course and we did an overnight anchor at Bird Island which was beautiful with no other boats around. I’d definitely recommend the course and would come back for more advanced courses.

Daryl and Susie, 103/4


Just wanted to thank you again for all of the experience and knowledge you shared with us.  our confidence is through the roof.  Susie is done at the end of the school year and I have given my notice to retire in June and we are on the path to cruising.
We had a great time last week!