Stephanie & Ron, 101/103

We just completed our week long live-aboard sailing lesson. We couldn’t be happier. We went from ‘never being on a sailboat’ to getting ASA 101 & 103 certified in just 6 days. Captain Jason was a great guide.

Charlie & Connie, ASA101/3

My wife and I just completed the combined ASA 101/103 courses. We both were new to sailing. Jason was our instructor, and we had a fantastic experience. Jason was very professional and knowledgeable and also extremely fun. We really enjoyed ourselves and can’t believe how much we learned. We intend to continue sailing and will take additional ASA courses. We strongly recommend he Myrtle Beach Sailing School!

Jay & Michael, ASA101/3/4

We started with 101 and progressed thru 103 and 104. The first question Jason asked at the start of 101 foreshadowed the entire experience: “What are you looking to get from this experience?” Jason tailored the approach to each course, covering all the materials in alignment with our goals. Jason did his ‘classroom’ work on the trip from the marina along the intercoastal waterway (ICW) to the ocean. He took advantage of the ICW and more generally the local environment beautifully — using many moments as teaching opportunities. Jason’s style is welcoming, calming (there can be brief exciting moments at sea and while docking), and always full of learning. Did I mention he always provided good snacks, drinks, and lunches! We took advantage of the ‘live-aboard’ option — sure this saved on hotel bills, but it really gave a nice sense of life on a boat. We’ve now sailed both the Morgan and the Beneteau, in near dead calm and when the winds and seas picked up. The range of experiences has been great. I feel fortunate to have had Jason as an instructor. I’ve been an academic for three decades — Jason is an excellent teacher, with great interpersonal skills, and one for whom I have no hesitation giving my highest recommendation.

Bradley & McKenzie, ASA101/103 Combo

My wife and I have always had the passion to learn to sail, so we made the decision to move forward! We combined ASA courses 101-103 to complete in a weeks time. Not fully knowing what to expect, we were really impressed with our instructor Capt Jason. Capt Jason is very knowledgeable & made our lesson plan enjoyable while detailing the importance of the knowledge base we were absorbing. We spent the whole week on the water, understanding the safety and joys of life on the water. We are looking forward to our next 104 course! I highly recommend Capt Jason for your instruction or charter!

Thanks again Jason! We look forward to the spring!

Ben, ASA101

My Dad and I took a 3 Day course to qualify for ASA 101. Jason was an excellent instructor and guide. Thorough, entertaining, and personable, he showed us a great time out on the ocean while making sure we focused on all the material to easily pass our exam. I will definitely choose Jason for future sailing adventures and ASA courses.

Shelly, ASA103

John and I took our ASA 103 sailing class this weekend – and passed !!! We can’t say enough about our amazing instructor – his knowledge and love for sailing is contagious. Anyone that wants to or has ever thought about sailing should contact Jason Cox and his Myrtle Beach Sailing School. Ask him about the hammock and Sebastian !!

Joe, ASA101

My son Ben Lovell and I took the American Sailing Association 101 course with Jason in early November and had a blast! As an instructor, Jason made sure we understand the content and felt comfortable with the skills we had to demonstrate. He was always patient when we didn’t grasp something and was willing to model and repeat as many times as necessary. As a Captain, Jason was extremely knowledgeable of the area and very skilled as a sailor. From our initial meeting, we realized we were in competent hands. Maybe even more important than learning skills, Ben and I developed an itch – perhaps even a passion – to learn more about the exciting world of sailing. We plan to take the ASA 103 course, and our preferred Captain will be Jason Cox with Myrtle Beach Sailing School.

Jeff, ASA104

I had a great time at Myrtle Beach Sailing School. Jason is a great teacher and he really makes an effort to provide as much instruction as possible during his courses.

Bruce, ASA101/103

“Captain Jason is a Great Instructor”
My wife and I took ASA 101 and 103 from Jason. We found Jason to be an excellent instructor. We flew from Montana to Myrtle Beach to take sailing instruction from him. We could not have asked for a more patient or knowledgeable instructor than Jason. I highly recommend him to any person interested in learning how to sail. We anchored out one night and the sunset was spectacular.

Andy, ASA101

MB Sailing School and Jason were a wonderful experience, the boat was a very nice 30 something footer and the Skipper is extremely knowledgeable and quite a teacher. Was my first experience on a sailing vessel but thanks to Jason it won’t be my last!! Great experience and highly recommend.